Chemence® has been a world leader in the development and production of anaerobic adhesives and sealants since the 1980’s.  We synthesize the base resins utilized in our formulations in high capacity, state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in North America and Europe and all of our products are manufactured to meet the rigorous requirements of the ISO9001 International Quality Standard.  Chemence’s anaerobic sealants have been approved and utilized in the automotive, defense, utilities and industrial manufacturing markets for maintenance, repair and OEM manufacturing applications. Our KRYLEX® range of anaerobic adhesives and sealants include high performance threadlockers, thread sealants, retaining compounds and gasket makers.  In addition to our KRYLEX® machinery adhesives, Chemence® services the electronics and automotive industries through its Anaseal® line of vacuum impregnation resins, as well as the natural gas distribution industry with systems for sealing gas leaks in mains. Chemence’s portfolio of KRYLEX® anaerobic sealants have been formulated specifically for high performance in MRO and OEM manufacturing applications.  Our KRYLEX® anaerobic products can be found in a variety of viscosities and application specific categories to fit our customer’s needs and include:

  • Threadlockers – prevent vibration and loosening and seal against leakage and corrosion. One bottle of KRYLEX® threadlocker takes the place of a wide variety of traditional vibration proofing methods, reducing cost and increasing performance.
  • Thread Sealing – designed for thread and pipe sealing, replacing traditional PTFE tapes and dopes. Products instantly seal and will not shred, evaporate or shrink.  KRYLEX® sealants resist pressure, vibration and temperature cycling as well as hydraulic fluids, oil, fuel and lubricants.
  • Gasket Makers – create formed in place gaskets on flanges and housings, eliminating the need for large inventories of pre-cut gaskets. Once cured, KRYLEX® gasket makers key into the adjacent faces of the joint and will not relax or shrink and have exceptional pressure and solvent resistance.
  • Retaining Compounds – used in the assembly of all coaxial components such as bearings, gears, shafts, bushes, pulleys, cylinder liners and rotors. They increase the load bearing characteristics of cylindrical joints, reducing assembly stresses and assembly costs.

KRYLEX® high performance anaerobic adhesives all cure in the absence of air and the presence of active metal ions.  The chemically harden to form a tough structural solid that prevents loosening and seals against leakage and corrosion.  Our range of products comes in a variety of viscosities, strengths and cure speeds to meet all applications requirements.