The automotive industry is in the middle of a revolution led by the surge in electric vehicles.  Innovations in battery technology, autonomous driving, e-mobility and lightweight materials have completely changed the landscape of automotive manufacturing globally.  Chemence’s experience developing and manufacturing adhesives and sealants for the traditional automotive industry as well as for high end electronics manufacturing has positioned us to deliver the ideal solutions portfolio for electric vehicle manufacturers today.

  • Displays: The combination of entertainment and information delivery is a growing desire among consumers when considering new vehicles.  In addition to traditional radios and vehicle performance gauges automotive OEMs are increasingly incorporating voice command systems, navigation capabilities, mobile device connectivity and safety systems into their displays.  The ability to deliver information reliably with high quality is critical and KRYLEX® adhesives play an integral role in the assembly of displays used to deliver this data.
  • Batteries:Battery Systems for electric vehicles are complex assemblies requiring several adhesives and sealants to ensure proper performance and long lifecycles.  Chemence has been delivering market leading lithium-ion battery pouch sealing materials for years for the electronics industry.  KRYLEX® gasketing materials provide ingress protection from the environment, minimize noise and vibration and increase efficiency and decrease weight of the pack.  Chemence also offers several solutions for structural assembly of the battery packs, encapsulation of the battery management systems and even threadlockers and thread sealants for proper assembly of nuts and bolts.
  • ADAS: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) have proliferated to almost all new vehicle models on the market today.  These systems critically enhance the safety of drivers and passengers by monitoring road conditions, warning drivers of hazards and even intervening to keep people safe.  While these systems are composed of delicate electronic componentry, they are exposed to harsh weather conditions found around the world throughout a range of seasons.  KRYLEX® adhesives and sealants provide reliable bonds that are impact and shock resistant and protect from the environment and exposure to chemicals all while allowing manufacturers to decrease assembly weight and increase production throughput.
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