Chemence’s catheter and tube set bonding adhesives provide medical device manufacturers with reliable assembly solutions while reducing the total cost of ownership in the manufacturing process. Our KRYLEX® ranges of adhesives for medical device assembly have been formulated to meet the stringent assembly challenges facing medical device manufacturers.

KRYLEX® catheter and tube set assembly adhesives have been formulated to provide excellent adhesion to a variety of metal and glass substrates as well as the most popular plastics used in medical tubing. In addition to excellent overall adhesion properties, our KRYLEX® catheter and tube set adhesives have excellent flexibility and elongation, almost instant cure speeds on demand, and excellent moisture, humidity and sterilization resistance. KRYLEX® catheter and tube set assembly adhesives come in a wide range of viscosities to suit various applications and can further be customized to ensure compatibility with the user’s existing production processes.

To ensure the highest quality for medical device manufacturers, KRYLEX® catheter and tube set bonding adhesives are formulated with fluorescing agents for on part inspection and visual verification of adhesive placement. Additionally, all of our KRYLEX® medical device assembly adhesives have been tested to and pass strict biocompatibility standards of ISO10993 for cytotoxicity, hemocompatibility, skin irritation and more.

Chemence® has been able to help medical device manufacturers decrease the total cost of ownership in their manufacturing processes in several ways. High adhesive strength to a variety of substrates has allowed for the consolidation of several adhesives into a single product and allowed for an overall decrease in the amount of adhesive being used per assembly. Additionally, our ultra-fast curing technology has been proven time and again to increase production throughput without compromising quality. KRYLEX® catheter and tube set bonding adhesives are optimized for a wide range of applications.

Applications:guidewire assembly, marker bands, lumen sealing, thermistor potting, manifold bonding, sensor attachment, balloon bonding, tube joining, y-connector bonding, infusion set assembly, blood bags, medicine bags, tube-filter unions and more
Substrates:PC, hard & flexible PVC, ABS, PET, SAN, PMMA, nylon, TPU, PEBA, PEI, glass, metals
Adhesives for bonding tubes and catheter assembly