Industrial manufacturers around the world rely on KRYLEX® maintenance, repair, and operation (MRO) adhesives and sealants to ensure the reliability of their equipment at all times. Chemence’s line of MRO adhesives has been designed to help professionals prevent common failures, extend equipment life and increase production reliability. Chemence’s line of KRYLEX® threadlockers, thread sealants, gasket makers and retaining compounds are a valuable addition to any maintenance professional’s toolbox The most common use for KRYLEX® MRO adhesives is to prevent premature equipment failure. Regular use of our maintenance, repair, and operations adhesives in preventative maintenance can alleviate issues that occur regularly in the workplace. The top issues that maintenance professionals deal with can include:

  • Threaded fastener loosening
    • Fatigue failure, vibration, thermal cycling and shock can all cause nuts and bolts to loosen prematurely. A few drops of the appropriate KRYLEX® threadlocker can help maintain clamp load and prevent failure while still allowing for disassembly when needed.
  • Leaks from threaded fittings
    • Pressure changes, thermal cycling and vibration can all result in leaks on equipment that carries fluids. In addition to production downtime, these issues can lead to costly spills and safety hazards.  Application of KRYLEX® thread sealant onto the threaded fitting will eliminate leaks and keep fluids on the right side of the equipment walls much longer than PTFE tape or messy greases.
  • Alignment issues
    • Whether mounting cylindrical fittings or fixturing flanges in place, KRYLEX® threadlockers, retaining compounds and gasket makers ensure that assemblies are correctly aligned and maintain tight seals until they are ready to be disassembled. This prevent premature wear on fixtures and extends product life and reliability.
Adhesives for Maintenance, Repair, and Operation