Traditionally, polyurethane (PUR) hot melt adhesives have been used in high volume, low cost applications such as panel laminating, book binding, woodworking and furniture manufacture and even kitchen sponge assembly. These products have stood the test of time because of their ease of use and durability in these applications.  Chemence® has taken the formulation of PUR reactive hot melt adhesives a step further by customizing these products to fit the rigorous requirements of electronics manufacturers while maintaining the important benefits that have been outlined above with regards to performance and ease of processing. Our polyurethane hot melt adhesives for electronics are available in syringes and cartridges to fit many existing electronics production lines. In the electronics market, structural adhesives are being utilized more and more in place of mechanical fastening methods and tapes due to their high strength, ease of use and low total cost of ownership.  Polyurethane hot melts are becoming one of the most popular adhesives selected by electronics manufacturers, owing to their wide range of benefits.  Among many other benefits, PUR hot melt adhesives have:

  • Very fast fixation for high speed production
  • Single component formulations allow for flexible dispensing methods
  • Excellent adhesion to variety of porous and non-porous surfaces
  • Good gap filling capability for greater tolerances in part design
  • Ability for thin bond-line or dot dispensing in micro applications
  • Excellent moisture and chemical resistance
  • Excellent durability and impact resistance for tough yet flexible bonds
  • Stable formulations with good shelf life

Applied in a molten state, these solvent-free, 100% solid adhesives solidify and crystallize on cooling, providing green strength and instant fixation on the parts being assembled.  Over the course of the next several days, PUR hot melts further react with ambient moisture to increase in strength and environmental resistance until a fully cured, robust bond-line is created. Since they are available in different viscosities, colors, adhesion and impact properties, and several other specifications, choosing the right polyurethane hot melt adhesives holds a great significance.   Get in touch with Chemence®, a market leader in the development of polyurethane hot melts for the electronics industry.  Our KRYLEX® polyurethane hot melts come in a variety of formulations to meet the requirements of your application and we are more than willing to work on customizing a formula specifically for your needs.