Wearable devices such as smart watches, sleep trackers and heartrate sensors have become integral parts of our lives. In addition to fitness and wellbeing, these wearable electronics find many applications in medicine and healthcare, and they have tremendously helped in improving the quality of life for many people globally. Adhesives are integral to wearable technology and we can find them in almost every device on the market including medical patches, smart watches, activity trackers, emergency call buttons, virtual reality (VR) devices, health monitoring devices and more.

Adhesives and sealants are used in wearable devices in many ways – on PCBs to fix components, for environmental protection and waterproofing, in assembly of sensors componentry,  assembly and sealing of enclosures, for thermal and electrical conductivity and/or insulation and even fixturing onto human skin.

Chemence’s adhesives developed for wearables have superior adhesion to common substrates such as FR4, FPC, metals, glass, ceramics and plastics. Additionally, our KRYLEX® adhesives have been found to provide manufacturers the following benefits:

  • Improved electrical and thermal performance
  • Stress absorption/reduction
  • Vibration, shock and impact resistance
  • Chemical resistance to most common household substances
  • Increased production throughput

In addition to KRYLEX® solutions for electronics assembly, Chemence has proved to be a market leader in biocompatible adhesives for use on the body.  A global leader in topical skin adhesives for wound closure, Chemence has leveraged years of experience in the medical sector to develop UV and thermal cure adhesives for assembly of medical devices.  Our KRYLEX® portfolio of medical device assembly adhesives have been tested against and passed the rigorous standards of ISO10993 for cytotoxicity, skin sensitization, hemocompatibility and for some products even implantation.

Adhesives for Wearable Medical Devices